California, Arizona, New Mexico

 One last trip to Six Flags Magic Mountain before leaving Valencia.  "X" is the coaster.

Cacti in AZ
Finally, after years of searching, I find cartoon style cacti in the Arizona desert.  Despite the lack of roller coasters, this is one of the most exciting parts of my trip.  I now begin looking for a roadrunner followed by a coyote on Acme Rocket Skates.

Close Up of a Cactus     Another cactus
Cactus close-up.

Watching the sky at sunset is one of the most beautiful parts of the trip.

Sunset in rear view mirror

Sunset with windmills
I loved seeing all the windmills for generating power, and they look great as the sun went down behind them.

A Real Cowboy
Look a real cowboy.  He's wearing a cowboy hat, riding a horse, and herding cattle.  This picture was taken in New Mexico near the Texas border.

Last updated:  June 15, 2003
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