Charlotte, NC

at the entrance
At the entrance.  That line just behind my head is marking the South Carolina/North Carolina border.

in front of the Sponge Bob Square Pants fountain
In front of the Sponge Bob Square Pants fountain.  Sponge Bob was created by a CalArts Alumnus.

Riding Top Gun
Riding Top Gun: The Jet Coaster.  A great B&M Inverted Coaster with a fantastic dive into a mist filled tunnel, where the fog and mist are thick enough that you can't see the other side.

Riding Thunder Road forward.

Thunder Road
Riding Thunder Road backward.  It's better backwards, but then again, most wooden coasters are.

Carolina Cyclone
In front of the Carolina Cyclone, a rough old Arrow looping coaster.

A rare shot of me on a water ride, the Wild Tornberry's River Adventure .

Last updated:  June 15, 2003
Copyright 2003  Adam Travis