Houston, TX

Riding Serial Thriller
Riding Serial Thriller, a Vekoma Suspended Looping Coaster.

riding XLR-8
Riding XLR-8, an Arrow Suspended Coaster.  What's neat about this ride is that they have one train, but the first 4 rows faces foward and the last three rows face backwards.

Mind Bender
In front of the Mayan Mind Bender, a Vekoma indoor coaster.  This ride probably has the best theming in the park.

riding Batman
Riding Batman: The Escape!  I don't know the woman in the picture, she was just next to me on the train.  This is an early Giovanola Stand Up coaster.  It's a litlle rough, but still fun.

Cyclone entrance
The entrance to the Texas Cyclone.

riding Cyclone
On the lift hill of the Texas Cyclone.  It's a good, old, wooden coaster.

riding Cyclone
I think I actually took this shot during the ride.

Last updated:  June 15, 2003
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