Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama

A telling road sign
Anyone else see a contradiction here.

fish in MS
Not sure what the fish have to do with Jackson, MS, but I suppose they needed something so they could be another trendy city with a public art project.

at the Birmingham Civil Rights Institute
One of the most important parts of the trip was my visit to the Birmingham Civil Rights Institute.  No photos were allowed inside, but it was a very well done exhibit on the Civil Rights Movement.  I cried a lot while looking at the exhibits on the Freedom Riders and public school desegregation.  It was a moving experience, everyone should visit this museum.

16th Street Baptist Chruch
The Sixteenth Street Baptist Church.  Still a functioning church and historic site, where during the Civil Rights Movement four little girls were killed by a bomb thrown into the church by segregationists.  That incident is the subject of the Spike Lee movie Four Little Girls.


a sign by the church
This simple sign is placed outside the church.

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